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If you don’t know how to play Texas Holdem already then you’ll be able to learn how to play the card game within the next ten minutes. Texas Holdem is really easy to play and is the most popular poker game around the world right now with thousands of players playing every single day. You can play Texas Holdem with 2-10 players on one table and you use a fifty-two card deck.To start the game you need to decide who will deal the first hand. Once you have decide who will deal the hand you need to put the little dealer button next to them. The player to the left of the dealer needs to put in the small blind and the player to the left of the small blind needs to put in the big blind. These are two forced bets at the beginning of every hand which ensures there are always chips in the pot for whoever wins the hand.

Once the blinds have been put into the pot the dealer can then shuffle the cards and deal out two cards to each player face down. After the cards have been dealt every player will get a turn to decide whether they want to call the big blind, raise the big blind or fold there hand. The player who acts first every hand is the player sitting to the left of the big blind.

After everyone has finished there turn and everyone has either paid the chips they need or folded there hand the dealer should kill one card and then flip three cards. Killing a card means you take the top card off of the deck and place it in the mucked pile of cards. Once you kill a card you flip the next three cards over and this is known as the flop. There is a round of betting after the flop and then the dealer kills another card and then flips over one card only. This is the turn and after the turn has been flipped over there is another round of betting for players. After the round of betting is complete the dealer should kill one more card and then flip over the last community card which is known as the river card. There is a final round of betting after the river card and then if there are still two or more players in the pot everyone with cards flips them over to see who wins. This is known as the showdown and is where players find out whether they win the pot or not.

Once the showdown is completed and the chips have been passed to the winner of the hand you need to move the dealer button one spot clockwise. The new dealer can shuffle the cards while the two players to the left of the dealer put in the small and big blind. As you can see it’s a really easy game to play and once you get a bit of experience playing you’ll be fine. Many poker rooms offer a free to play version online so you’ll be able to play for free and learn the game before playing for real money.


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