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Seven Card Stud Rules

Not very many poker players actually know the rules to seven card stud and it’s a poker game that is often overlooked by most players. The game is played with a single deck of cards and is very easy to play once you learn the basics of the game. To start every hand each player at the table will need to place an ante into the pot so that there are always chips in the pot to be won. Once the players have anted the dealer can begin dealing out the cards to every player.

Seven Card Stud Rules other poker gamesTo start the hand the dealer will deal out two face down cards and one face up card to each player at the table. The player with the lowest face up card will need to go first and make a forced bet of half the minimum bet or they can just make it a full bet if they want. Once the player has decided what they are going to do the players take turns in clockwise order and bet. In a seven card stud game you can raise up to three times every round of betting so keep that in mind. Players will take turns and need to decide whether to call the come-in bet, raise the bet or fold their hand.

After the round of betting is complete the dealer will deal a face up card to every player left in the pot. There is another round of betting at this point and to determine who goes first it’s the player with the highest valued face up cards. Once this round of betting is finished the dealer will deal out another face up card to each player and there will be another round of betting. From this round on the minimum bet will be double what it was the previous rounds so keep this in mind when betting in this round and on. After the round of betting is done players receive another face up card which is followed by another round of betting. After the round of betting is complete the dealer will deal out the final card in the hand face down to each player who remains in the pot. There is a final round of betting at this point in time and then if anyone is left in the hand the hand goes down to a showdown.

When the hand goes down to a showdown players will need to flip over their hand to see who wins. The goal in seven card stud is to make the best five card poker hand using your seven cards. With so many rounds of betting in seven card stud you need to be very careful about how many hands you play in this game and how often you chase. You will find that chasing hands often doesn’t payoff in seven card stud because you only get to use your cards and there are no community cards.

If you have played other poker games in the past then you should easily be able to get the hang of playing seven card stud quickly. The poker game has many similarities to other poker games except for slight differences like the fact there are no community cards. Typically online poker players on the seven card stud tables are pretty good so play on the low limit tables to practice before playing your regular limits that you’re used to playing in other poker games.


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