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Omaha Poker

Over the past five years Omaha Poker has hit the mainstream poker crowd and is now played by thousands of players around the world every single day. Some land based casinos still don’t offer Omaha Poker because they wouldn’t have enough players playing everyday, but you can always find an Omaha Poker game going on in one of the many online poker rooms. If you’ve never played Omaha Poker in the past and don’t know how to play yet then continue reading through this article so you can learn the rules to this great poker game.Omaha can be played with 2-8 players on a table and is typically a lot more active of a game then Holdem is. Omaha is the same as Holdem with the way the game is dealt. Every hand the dealer button moves one spot clockwise around the table and the two players to the left of the button need to make sure they put in the two blinds. The main difference between Omaha Poker and Holdem is the fact that all poker players get dealt four cards instead of only two cards.

Omaha Poker Rules dealer button

The objective in Omaha Poker is to make the best five card poker hand and it’s important to remember that the rules state you can only use two of your four cards and three of the five community cards. Just like in Holdem there is a flop, turn and river card which account for five community cards that all the players can use to better there hand.

The betting structure used in Omaha Poker is also the same as in Texas Holdem with a betting round before the flop, after the flop, after the turn and after the river. If there are still players in the pot after the final betting round after the river card then there is a showdown to see who won the hand. This is where you flip your cards over and show everyone the best five card hand you have. Whoever has the best hand using two of there own cards and three of the community cards wins the pot and takes down the chips in the pot.

After the hand is over the dealer button gets moved to the next player in a clockwise direction and the two players to the left of the dealer need to put in the small and big blind. Omaha is very similar to Holdem so if you’ve played Holdem before then it won’t take long to learn how to play Omaha. It’s a very active game filled with big bets due to the fact every player gets four cards. This allows players to have a lot of options and draws which is why many players will call big bets making it one of the most expensive games to play for cash. If you play in online tournaments then it isn’t as bad and a benefit in tournaments is that they are usually very quick. Now that you have learnt the rules to this great poker game why don’t you go try out your skills in one of the poker rooms reviewed to the left.


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