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Aced Poker Review

Aced Poker

Aced Poker is one of the newer online poker rooms, but they have already proven to be one of the fastest growing poker rooms on the internet with excellent promotions. The poker room was created by poker players who knew exactly what players look for when joining a poker room and they ensure every single player is treated fairly. The poker room is powered by excellent software which is bug free so you don’t need to be worried about harming your computer when you download it. I’ve been a player on Aced Poker since they first opened and it’s definitely one of the leading poker rooms to check out right now.


Texas Holdem Rules

If you don’t know how to play Texas Holdem already then you’ll be able to learn how to play the card game within the next ten minutes. Texas Holdem is really easy to play and is the most popular poker game around the world right now with thousands of players playing every single day. You can play Texas Holdem with 2-10 players on one table and you use a fifty-two card deck.To start the game you need to decide who will deal the first hand. Once you have decide who will deal the hand you need to put the little dealer button next to them. The player to the left of the dealer needs to put in the small blind and the player to the left of the small blind needs to put in the big blind. These are two forced bets at the beginning of every hand which ensures there are always chips in the pot for whoever wins the hand.

Once the blinds have been put into the pot the dealer can then shuffle the cards and deal out two cards to each player face down. After the cards have been dealt every player will get a turn to decide whether they want to call the big blind, raise the big blind or fold there hand. The player who acts first every hand is the player sitting to the left of the big blind.

After everyone has finished there turn and everyone has either paid the chips they need or folded there hand the dealer should kill one card and then flip three cards. Killing a card means you take the top card off of the deck and place it in the mucked pile of cards. Once you kill a card you flip the next three cards over and this is known as the flop. There is a round of betting after the flop and then the dealer kills another card and then flips over one card only. This is the turn and after the turn has been flipped over there is another round of betting for players. After the round of betting is complete the dealer should kill one more card and then flip over the last community card which is known as the river card. There is a final round of betting after the river card and then if there are still two or more players in the pot everyone with cards flips them over to see who wins. This is known as the showdown and is where players find out whether they win the pot or not.


Betsson Poker Review

Betsson Poker

Betsson is one of my favorite poker websites. The support is excellent and winnings incredible. I’ve been playing for almost 3 years at Betsson. They payout fast and they do give, great attention to players. Usually when card players or gamers hear the name Betsson, the first thing that comes to mind is ultimate gaming.


Cool Hand Poker Review

Cool Hand Poker

Since the beginning of poker becoming available online in the late 1990s poker players have been searching for the best place to play. There are many poker sites that have great promotions but they lack customer satisfaction and great games. Many poker sites around tend to push customers or members to play until they reach pro, if they ever do? There is one place on the Internet that offers some of the best customer satisfaction around and awesome promotions, such as the sign on bonus for new members up to $350.


Full Tilt Poker Review

Full Tilt Poker

Is one of the biggest online poker rooms and they have the best high stakes action you’ll be able to find. With a countless number of professional poker players constantly playing poker online at Full Tilt you’ll be sure to find some of the biggest stakes in this poker room. They also offer stakes for all levels of players though including micro limits which start as small as $.01/$.02 in some of the poker games. Full Tilt has recently redesigned there entire website and it now features a sleek dark black design which is easier to navigate then it was previously. If you haven’t played at Full Tilt Poker in the past then you have been missing out on some awesome fun and you should join as soon as possible.


Seven Card Stud Rules

Not very many poker players actually know the rules to seven card stud and it’s a poker game that is often overlooked by most players. The game is played with a single deck of cards and is very easy to play once you learn the basics of the game. To start every hand each player at the table will need to place an ante into the pot so that there are always chips in the pot to be won. Once the players have anted the dealer can begin dealing out the cards to every player.

Seven Card Stud Rules other poker gamesTo start the hand the dealer will deal out two face down cards and one face up card to each player at the table. The player with the lowest face up card will need to go first and make a forced bet of half the minimum bet or they can just make it a full bet if they want. Once the player has decided what they are going to do the players take turns in clockwise order and bet. In a seven card stud game you can raise up to three times every round of betting so keep that in mind. Players will take turns and need to decide whether to call the come-in bet, raise the bet or fold their hand.

After the round of betting is complete the dealer will deal a face up card to every player left in the pot. There is another round of betting at this point and to determine who goes first it’s the player with the highest valued face up cards. Once this round of betting is finished the dealer will deal out another face up card to each player and there will be another round of betting. From this round on the minimum bet will be double what it was the previous rounds so keep this in mind when betting in this round and on. After the round of betting is done players receive another face up card which is followed by another round of betting. After the round of betting is complete the dealer will deal out the final card in the hand face down to each player who remains in the pot. There is a final round of betting at this point in time and then if anyone is left in the hand the hand goes down to a showdown.


GNUF Poker Review

When poker players are looking for a new poker community to join they tend to look for the best deals and great competition. Now introducing a new online gaming room whose poker room is one of a kind. The name of one of the newest poker communities on the Internet is GNUF Poker. This poker community has great promotions as if they have been a gaming community for years. GNUF Poker has a sign up bonus for new players where GNUF will match a player’s first deposit up to $1000 and a friend referral bonus.

This poker community has 6 six different games of poker including many poker tournaments that include some of the best poker players throughout Europe and the world. GNUF Poker not only has poker games but also bonus games where players can also win big. Players can make deposits using any major credit card, e wallet products, such as Neteller, Click 2 Pay, Moneybookers and more.


Paf Poker Review

Paf Poker

Known to Poker enthusiasts throughout Europe and around the world as one of the “New Kids On the Block”, Paf Poker. Paf Poker gives players the ultimate gaming experience powered by an one of a kind internally developed software by Net Entertainment that offers many of the most popular online Poker games.


Five Card Draw Rules

Five card draw is one of the oldest poker games and one of the simplest to learn how to play. You won’t find this game being played in many land based casinos, but you will be able to play five card draw in most online poker rooms. This poker game is played with one full deck of cards without any jokers or wild cards. To start a hand in five card draw every single player needs to put in an ante which is a forced bet before the cards are dealt each hand to ensure action in the pot.

Once everyone has put in their ante bet the dealer can deal out five cards to every player at the table. There is a round of betting at this point where players can either check, bet or raise each other. Depending on whether the game is fixed limit, pot limit or no limit will reflect the betting amounts in the game. Once the betting round is complete all of the players left in the pot will get to decide how many cards they would like to discard.

Every player will go in order and have the chance to discard 1-5 cards, but keep in mind if you’re discarding five cards you really shouldn’t be in the pot anymore. After every player has had the chance to discard the cards they don’t want and get new cards there will be one final round of betting. The players left in the hand will be able to check, bet or raise each other. Once the players have finished betting then any players left in the pot will reveal their hands to see who won the pot.


PKR Poker Review

PKR Poker

There is no doubt that the best online poker room to come to players around the world in recent years is the PKR Poker room. They have revolutionized the online poker world and have shown players what online poker should be like. This is by far my favourite online poker room and they would be ranked the best if they had a bit more traffic, but for now they rank second only behind the team at Full Tilt Poker. If you have never played at PKR Poker then you’ll be in for a great surprise the first time you sit down to play because it’s amazing. The poker room has a one of a kind software suite which offers a 3D poker world and different poker settings for playing. You get to fully customize your 3D character so you can represent who you are at the poker tables, you also get to use a whole bunch of different emotions at the table. There is no poker room which is more fun to play on then PKR Poker.